Private Sectors Workshop on Pollution Minimization

24th March 2017, The MELAD through its Environment & Conservation Division hosted an interactive, collaborative workshop with private sectors to identify future pathways which can lead to successful solutions to the issue of chemical and waste disposal/pollution activities which is among the critical environment issues made by private sectors on Tarawa. The workshop had brought together around 20 representatives from the private sectors such as local importers, gas stations companies, mechanical workshop companies, motels, etc. with the aim of brainstorming and generating innovative ideas and opportunities to achieve environmental protection through waste minimization.  Another important objective/aim of this workshop is to strengthen collaboration with these private sectors to start working together to adopt environment friendly initiatives within their respective companies. At the end of the workshop, it was very interesting that these private sectors have got a grasp on the environment regulation and learn more about the issues of pollution which is very crucial to understand while operating their businesses and to be able to carefully consider the environment in their daily operations. They were also able to develop a plan on how to deal with waste issues they could come across. The ECD wishes to acknowledge the support of those participating in the workshop and it is expected that those participants will make use of insights from the workshop to improve on their waste management within their respective companies. This workshop was funded by government through MELAD.