Commemoration of World Environment Day, Monday 5th June 2017

Monday 5th June 2017, earmarks and highlights one of the important international events so called the World Environment Day which usually celebrated annually at the global level on the 5th June. “Connecting people to Nature” is a global theme for commemoration of this World Environment Day for this year 2017. The chosen theme will inspire most of the people living in this world to try and reconnect themselves with a simple wonders of the natural world.
A message from the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, convey some important remarks relevant to the theme which has highlighted the significance of our natural resources and the goods and services they provide for our livelihood and our continual survival. We lived in this world and we often connect ourselves with our natural environment in different ways. Our health depends ultimately on the ecosystem products and services; therefore we, as people living in this world, we should commit ourselves to play our role in maintaining these services through adopting and practicing number of environment friendly initiatives in our different society, whether as an individual, a community, a church group, an NGO, a youth as well as a Government body, so we can show what we can achieved when we worked together.

Kiribati is among the countries celebrating World Environment Day this year through the support from MELAD – Environment & Conservation Division. The commemoration will start soon on the 26th – 30th June where the ministry will execute number of programs and activities at the national level.