Environment Inspection Unit (EIU) Staff Gave a Shot on Littering to The Local Market users

It was early on Thursday Morning, the 15th of June 2017 around 8:00am, when EIU (Environment Inspection Unit) Staff attended a complaints from the public against Market Users in Bikenibeu, sited in front of the KGV & EBS High School. It was a perfect timing as there were many people when they arrived. There were couple of times within this week, where they went and attends the call but fail to identify the suspect at all times.

Since the suspect did not show up again this morning, they took another route by taking a chance to raise the Awareness on Littering to those who presents that morning on a Full Swing.

They gave a reminder on every components and consequences on Littering. In terms of the Environment Act, Littering was considered an offence, and if anyone is found breaching the Act, He/ She will definitely face a charge of $50.00. It was kind of the EIU staffs where they gave an awareness instead of the enforcement to those Market Users as a LAST WARNING.

Thanks to EIU for always playing their role efficiently. YOUR EFFORT IS MUCH APPRECIATED