Kiribati to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary International Ozone Day

Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer is an international agreement derives under the 1985 Vienna Convention for the protection of the ozone layer. It was signed by more than 190 countries, including Kiribati, in which they agree to implement the requirements and targets of the Montreal Protocol at the national level.  

“Saving all life under the sun” is an international ozone day theme for this year 2017. The international ozone day falls on the 16th of September every year in which all countries that are party to the Montreal Protocol are required to celebrate this event within their nation. The ozone day celebration is regarded as an event to honor those countries’ efforts and commitments they have given in protecting the essential ozone layer. This year ozone day is very important to all parties as it marks the 30th Anniversary of Montreal Protocol existence since 1987.

Therefore, Kiribati through the Environment and Conservation Division, as a party to the Montreal Protocol, will celebrate this Ozone day this week starting from 11th September – 16th September 2017 in commemorating of the 30th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer. The following activities will be conducted on South Tarawa as part of the international ozone day celebration for this year 2017:

  • School visit to conduct ODS awareness to Form 5s and 6s students.
  • Radio awareness to the public on ODS and Ozone day information.
  • Ozone day banner will be displayed publicly.
  • Actual celebration at the Bairiki Square on the 15th September 2017: (i) Display and dissemination of awareness materials to the public, (ii) Ozone day Awareness drama will be performed by young dancers, (iii)Demonstration of good servicing practices by local technicians.