Cookery and Hospitality Training Conducted in Nonouti Island

A two weeks training was undertaken at Nonouti from 18 to 29 November on cookery and hospitality that was attended by 46 participants, 37 young women and 9 young men who came from all the different communities and villages on the island. The training was funded by the Food Security project also known as the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) project managed by MELAD with support funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through UNDP.

A three member team of an oversea firm, ServicePro International Tourism Hospitality Institute (SPITH) from Fiji, conducted this training while the Tourism Communication and Public Relation Officer from Kiribati National Tourism Office (KNTO) facilitated the logistics with the full support of the Island Council of Nonouti. The training focused on Safety & Hygiene, Cooking, and Hospitality services. The Hospitality services included Food and Beverages, Housekeeping and Front Office Operation training.

The training aimed to prepare the people of Nonouti to provide hospitality services for foreign fishers of the bonefish and trevally sport fishing which is an eco-tourism initiative that is about to start in 2018. The training also serves as  an  opportunity to the people of Nonouti in seeking job opportunities and in terms of equipping themselves with skills and knowledge that are in line with the Kiribati Vision (KV 20) on Tourism Development.

 Despite not having enough resources on the island that were needed for the training, the trainers were able to come up with creative ideas to use what the island can offer or can provide instead of depending on imported products. Such as using of petiole prt of pawpaw leaves as a straw instead of the usual straw purchased in supermarket. The use of pumpkin and pawpaw fruit in a chopsuey instead of carrots and a lot more.

 It was a very productive training and participants were really appreciative and grateful for such an opportunity. They further requested if more training could be offered on Tour Guiding, Fishing Guide or any other related tourism training that could broaden their understanding on such services.

 The team closed the training with a certificate awarding ceremony and  departed Nonouti on 30th November 2017.