Kiribati to join commemoration of World Wetlands Day

2nd February this year has marked one of the so called important events, the “World Wetlands Day” which is usually celebrated annually at the global level by different governments, non-governments, NGOs and communities in different countries around the world.

The international theme for World Wetlands Day this year is “Wetlands for a sustainable urban future” This theme for the year 2018 reflects how important wetlands are for sustainable developments in the urban areas.

Kiribati is among those countries to celebrate and commemorate the event at the national level through MELAD-ECD. This is by raising awareness to the local people through undertaking mass media awareness and other means of social networks to help make the people recognize and understand the importance of wetlands for sustainable livelihood in urban areas. Wetlands in Kiribati are considered as environmental conservation areas such as mangroves ecosystem, sea grass, intertidal zones as well as lagoons and oceans. These types of wetlands are very vital as they make the urban environment more liveable as a place to enjoy by providing various sources of life to the people and can also reduce number of environmental problems.

Let us take part in protecting and conserving our wetlands for Kiribati’ sustainable urban future!