Conditions for Parks Re-Openings

To all Tarawa and Betio Residents!

The Ministry of Environment, Lands and Agricultural Development pleased to announce that starting from Friday the 22 of April 2022, all parks which are frequently used by the public such as Tobwaan te Rikirake Park, Bairiki Side Park, Nanikaai 4Rs KV20 Amusement Park, Ambo, Steward Park and Tobwaan te Tongo Park are now re-open for public usage. All advance Bookings and payments could be arranged as well. Please be advised that Due to Covid-19 precautionary measures, one plot is limit to 50 people and no more. However, everyone still required to comply with all Covid-19 preventive measures to mitigate infection risks. For more information or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Environment and Conservation Division office on 75228000

Thank You All FromSecretary MELAD

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