National Capacity Building Workshop on the Environment Safeguard System in Christmas Island

A one-day workshop on National Capacity Building on the Kiribati Environment Safeguard System was held in Kiritimati Island on Monday 29th April 2019 at the Ikari House in London, Kiritimati. The workshop was organized and conducted by officials from the Environment & Conservation Division of MELAD who were visiting the island for such purpose. The workshop officially opened with warm remarks delivered by Secretary Mr Natario Kiati to all participants followed by running through the program for the day.

An interesting focus of the workshop is to raise awareness on the Environment Licensing System requirements under the Kiribati Environment Act to help safeguard the environment and to achieve sustainability of projects. The workshop covered emerging environment issues on Christmas island related with development activities and projects and also emphasized important concerns with the upcoming infrastructure development to be implemented on Kiritimati island. ECD also highlighted to participants their important role in the Environment Licensing System and project implementation as well as stressing the importance of public consultation under the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) for the communities on the island to actively involved in part of the process particularly consultations.

This one-day workshop has brought together representatives from government sectors, private sectors, churches and Communities on the island involving; Heavy Machineries and Mechanical Division, CPPL, Housing Division, Civil, KOIL, MLPID, KPA, Commerce, Lands, Fisheries, Island Council, KCCI, KCDL (Copra), Construction Department, Nei Baneawa Community, Marewen Okon Kiritimati community, Punjas, Triple Tee, Island Church Council and Catholic Parish.

This workshop is very useful as it improves awareness of these relevant stakeholders by promoting compliance and also strengthen the Environment Licensing System required under the Act. Overall, the initiative has contributed much in supporting the Kiribati Development Plan 2016 – 2019 on the Environment, as well as supporting the Kiribati Vision’s in 20 years to come (KV20) to enhance infrastructure and environment sustainability.