Third National Communications 1st Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The Third National Communications (TNC) project within the Environment & Conservation Division of MELAD is leading and conducting a one-day workshop on Green House Gas (GHG) Inventory, one of the significant component of the Kiribati Third National Communication Report for which Kiribati has obliged to complete as being a party to the UNFCCC. The workshop is conducted on 23rd of May 2019 at Teuanete Conference Room in Taborio. The workshop has brought together participants from relevant sectors involving KOIL company Ltd, Aviation, Customs, Statisctis office, Agriculture, Marine Division, Shipping and existing Gas stations on Tarawa

The objective of the workshop is to showcase preliminary results on GHG inventory compilation based on fossil fuel consumption that the TNC project team within ECD has been working on. The process involved in this compilation work follwed by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or the IPCC guidelines.

Relevant templates from the IPCC guidelines will be followed through to demonstrate procedures understaken in compiling the TNC preliminary greenhouse has emissions. Participants can appreciate what is involved, how data that are available been put into the procedures. It also enables them to get some sense of how much they might have contributed to greenhouse gas emission from their individual sectors.

This workshop provides opportunities for participants and relevant energy sectors to identify key issues and problems as well as existing gaps in data from their respective divisions and agencies. Most importantly, participants will be able to discuss how to resolve the issues and gaps, and adopt a way forward to work together on finalizing their greenhouse gas emission from fossil fuel.

The workshop is supported by MELAD-ECD TNC project through the financial support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) which provides funding for the Kiribati TNC report compilation