The Development of Island Strategic Plan at Maiana for Food Security in the Context of Climate Change.

Consultations for an Island Strategic Plan targeting food security in Kiribati have been completed on Maiana with discussions also planned for communities in Nonouti. Consultations were conducted in Abemama in October last year.

Maiana, Nonouti and Abemama are the three pilot islands which are the focus of activities by the Enhancing Food Security in the Context of Global Climate Change (Kiribati LDCF-I) Project.

The Island Strategic Plan (ISP) will be a guideline to the island council for decision making and to align the decision making into the KV20 Policy which is looking into sustainable development.

A team of Government officers visited Maiana island from 19th April to 7th May 2019 for the workshop on the development of the ISP. The team comprised of six Government Ministries, the Local Government Division, Culture and Museum Division, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resource Development, Environment and Conservation Division, Agriculture and Livestock, the Kiribati National Tourism Office and Ministry of Commerce and Cooperatives.

Participants at the workshop were from the island council, the Mayor and the Clerk and Councilors from the 12 wards from Teibikerai to Bubutei village, the Island Education Coordinator (IEC), and representatives from the communities, cooperatives and private businesses.

The workshop was organized in three parts by the Local Government Division – Ministry of Internal Affairs. First is to collect the issues aligning to the KV20, conduct awareness on the issues identified to all the villages and lastly to finalize and endorse the ISP by the Island Full Council Meeting.

Feedback from participants indicate strong support for food security by protecting and conserving their marine and land resources. They also highlighted the need to improve infrastructure such as the road, airport and seaport.

The ISP workshop in Maiana was supported by the Kiribati LDCF I Project, funded by the Global Environment Facility and implemented under the Environment and Conservation Division.

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