Licensing and Compliance Section in-house training

The License and compliance section conducted a two-day in-house training to ECD staff on environment enforcement procedures. The objective of the program is to “increase capacities within ECD for the enforcement of the Environment Act”, the program covered essential component of Environment Enforcement.

spearheaded by the Compliance and Enforcement Unit with the assistance and contribution of the Development Control Unit and the ODS project, the two-day training covered the following items.

  1. Refresher on Environment Act
  2. Presentation on Environment Regulation
  3. Environment Licensing Application
  4. Presentation on ODS Regulation and Licensing application
  5. Enforcement Manual
  6. Fines and Notices

The Inhouse training is an important tool to enhance, maintain and improve ECD capacity to effectively and efficiently deliver services to the public and to ensure that environmental safeguard is achieved by both local and foreign entities. This activity is conducted every year as part of CEU workplan.