Technical working group for Preparation of HPMP stage II project and Enabling Activities for HFC phasedown project for Kiribati

The Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) project under the National Ozone Unit within
the MELAD-ECD is working towards establishing its Technical Working Group to
assist in the development of the Country Assessment Reports for the two new
projects namely the Preparation of HPMP state II project and Enabling Activities for
HFC phase down project. In light of this, the project Secretariat had convened a
special National Steering Committee meeting in May this year as a first step to start
planning to establish a technical working group among its national stakeholders, to
responsible and actively contribute in the country assessment report development
process and to help in data provision as required by the projects. The meeting
involved number of commitments discussed and agreed by members, which includes
proposed members of the working group, the adoption of survey questionnaire
needed for nationwide survey for data collection, the TOR of the working group as
well as the development of workplan for the working group. Kiribati’s assessment
report for the Preparation of HPMP Stage II project will due in September, while the
assessment for the Enabling Activities for HFC phase-down project will due in
December. ECD will facilitate the function of this working group while each to
spearhead the development of the report.