Ensuring food security under climate change: strategic plans to be made available to communities for LDCF-I Pilot islands; Maiana, Abemama and Nonouti.

Under a project to enhance food security under climate change, staff from twelve government ministries have come together at Buariki, North Tarawa to carry out the translation of Island Strategic Plans for Maiana, Abemama and Nonouti. The objective of the retreat, 9-11 August, was to translate the plans from local language to English so they may be readable by all Kiribati people and to attract more external donors to assist on the identified issues.

The purpose of the Island Strategic Plans is to enhance the food security on the 3 islands that is by encouraging the planting of perennial plants, establishing community-based management approaches and promoting of sustainable fishing practices.

Maiana, Abemama and Nonouti islands are also affected by the impact of climate change through sea water overwash at some low elevated part of the islands such as in Tekaranga and Tamatantongo villages of Maiana island, Tabiang village at Abemama Island and Temotu village at Nonouti Island. Therefore, this plan is very helpful in sustaining their food base sources from the land through smart and sustainable agriculture and livestock and sea by developing amongst others, improving the enforcement of existing bylaws, community-based management plans and Marine Protected Areas.

The retreat was coordinated by the Local Government Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and attended by staff from the Public Service Performance and Service Management Division, the Kiribati Local Government Association, Ministry of Education, Fisheries Division, Culture and Museum, Environment and Conservation Division, Agriculture and Livestock Division, Tourism Authority of Kiribati, Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Cooperatives, Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy, Ministry of Women, Youth, Sport & Social Affairs and Kiribati Police Services. Twenty-five (25) officers attended.

The Local Government Division will now finalize and publish the plans into the hard copies and share to the 3 pilot islands, online via ECD and MIA websites, Facebook and twitter for public access before end of this year and launch to the island councils of Maiana, Abemama and Nonouti for implementation.

The retreat was supported by the Kiribati LDCF I Project, funded by the Global Environment Facility and implemented under the Environment and Conservation Division with the support of the United Nations Development Programme.

For further information Contact

Bweneata Kaoti (Mrs)

Project Advocacy Officer – PAO; Project Management Unit – PMU

Environment and Conservation Division, MELAD, 75228211,75228000,


Members of the retreat from the 12 Kiribati Government Ministries, hosted at Eutan Buariki Guest House, North Tarawa, 9-11 August 2019.

Group work during the retreat for ISP translation for Maiana, Abemama ao Nonouti – pilot islands covered under LDCF-I Project, I Eutan Buariki Guset House – Tarawa ieta (Bweneata Kaoti – PAO LDCF-I Project)