Handing over of LDCF-1 project donated boat to Maiana and Nonouti Island Councils

A team from LDCF 1 Project – a project on food Security in the context of climate change, has returned to Tarawa after conducting an official handing over of a speed boat to two of its piloted islands; Maiana and Nonouti islands.

The team was composed of officials from Coastal Fisheries Division (CFD) of the Ministry of Fisheries and Mineral Resource Development and Local Government Division (LGD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who were involved in the initiation of this specific activity as key stakeholders to the LDCF 1 project.

The handover ceremonies were conducted both on Saturdays with different time frames; 25 April 2020 in Maiana and 9 May at Nonouti. The feast celebrations also commemorate the handing over of a Contract of Agreement for the speed boats and were attended by island Mayors, Council of Older men, and council workers on each island, including officials from the two ministries; MIA and MFMRD. Prior to the actual ceremonies, training was conducted for a few days by Fisheries to the Councils’ boatmen for proper operation and good maintenance.

During the celebration, a representative from the two (2) Ministries attended and commended the important role of the speed boat to the Island Councils. The boat will assist both of these Island councils to enhance their capacities in safeguarding their marine resources through enforcement, protection of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), conducting marine researches, and surveys needed to be undertaken by the Fisheries Division to enhance the harvesting of giant clams, sea cucumbers and other marine species.

Hence to that, the Mayors from each island, Maiana and Nonouti Island councils, have acknowledged this “gift” with gratitude, stating that this was one among their critical needs’ and they’re so thankful. The boat handed will be very helpful to equip the Island Council and to boost Council’s effort enforcing their marine laws protecting their marine resources for present and future generations. They also affirmed their commitment in safeguarding their speed boat and to use it only according to their needs. The handover ceremonies were marked by cutting of cakes and the signing of the MOU that governs use and maintenance of the boat by the Mayors and the two representatives from both Ministries.

The trip, event and boat were supported and provided by the Food Security Project, commonly known as the LDCF-1 Project which is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through the UNDP, and managed by the Environment and Conservation Division (ECD) under the MELAD.