UPOPs Fun Run

“REDUCE OPEN BURNING” the theme which was supported by an exciting fun run on Saturday 22nd October this year. This theme is an extraction from one of Kiribati Government’s Project namely Unintended Persistent Organic Pollutants (UPOPs) which was operated under the Ministry of Environment Lands and Agricultural Developments through its Environment and Conservation Division

Unintended Persistent Organic Pollutants (UPOPs) is a project which focuses on the reduction of burning all sorts of waste materials at places in which people are exposed to the smoke released. The fun run held in favor of this project intends to create more awareness towards this ongoing project and to build the capacity of the people on how the smoke from open burning comes with chemicals that are harmful to our health and can cause various kinds of sicknesses in our body.

Participants and supporters during the fun run are officers from The Environment and Conservation Division (ECD), children of the Taekwando Club from KNOC, youths and more who are keen to join and support the awareness of UPOPs during that day. The fun run started from the gathering spot where the TUC Council is located and ended at Bairiki Square where everyone rests and refreshments were served.

It is quite expected that from this awareness fun run, the people of Kiribati inclusion of youngsters will grow to understand that burning of any waste materials both organic and inorganic are harmful to our health when inhaling the released smoke which carries unseen toxic chemicals. Also the project aims to encourage the people in supporting the reduction of Open Burning for securing the health of their family especially young ones and for maintaining a healthy environment for the generations of Kiribati.

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