CBMMP Butaritari

The Environment & Conservation Division has confirmed after its 2nd visit to Onomaru Butaritari in March this year 2017, one of the village’s achievement regarding the completion of their community-based mangrove management plan as well as the village’s constitution to be enforced by the village in supporting the implementation of the CBMMP. These two pieces of work have marked a great achievement made by the village which may have contributed a lot to support and provide them with future pathways on how to protect and conserve their environment through protecting and maintaining the life of their mangrove ecosystem.

This has been the 2nd village where the CBMMP developed after being first trialed on the village of Nooto in North Tarawa. These villages were chosen to be part of the project implementation based on the result of past consultations conducted on these two islands where the villagers through their council representatives are the only ones willing to accept the project to be implemented on their village using their own efforts and available resources without the need of any financial support from the Kiribati Government. The project is funded by KAPIII while implementation was fully supported by Environment & Conservation Division of MELAD including relevant partners from the government

The development of Onomaru community-based mangrove management plan (CBMMP) involved a consultation process with the Butaritari Island Clerk and with the village’s councilor followed by an exciting 3 day workshop conducted in the first visit October last year by ECD team to the villagers.  During the second visits of the team to the island in March this year, the team was just focus on presenting the two documents (CBMMP and Constitution) to the village members for their review and finalization before taking the next steps for approval of these two important documents.

The CBMMP and Constitution are hoped to be effective by this year 2017 where the village can start implementing their community based mangrove management plan as well and enforcing their village constitution to strengthen the protection of their environment and the social welfare of their people.

The plan for the two policy documents is to be presented to the Butaritari Island Council once they were finalized and if these could be adopted by the other villages once this agreed by the councilors from the rest of the villages in Butaritari.