Climate Change

The Climate Change Unit (CCU) is a technical unit through which the Ministry (MELAD) has been implementing local climate change initiatives and programmes as well as externally funded projects. The aim of the CCU is to strengthen national capacity for effective response and adaptation to climate change, with a particular focus on environmental protection and management.

The goal or objectives that have formed the basis of the work activities of the Unit includes the following;

Improving knowledge, information and national adaptive capacity for responding and adapting to climate change

The retention and level of understanding of general public on climate change and adaptive approaches will be further increased.  This would be achieved by provision of up-to-date information, accessible information, training, communications and mass awareness among other things.  This is key to the overall national adaptive capacity to the impacts of climate change on our physical environment resources.


Build on existing adaptation measures and continue with implementation of concrete adaptation measure

 Within this goal, it is intended to explore more adaptation projects and programmes with external resources sourced from international climate related funds to be implemented on-ground (South Tarawa and outer-islands).  Adaptation would be the responsibility of the entire country, therefore it is important that given our divisional or organisation mandate, we explore and implement adaptation programs to contribute to overall adaptation and enhancement of island resilience to the adverse effects of climate change.  This is where this Unit contributes to other similar adaptation program such as KAP III.


Implementing mitigation measures and strengthen synergies between climate change mitigation and environment sustainability

 This is an opportunity to promote clean and renewable energy which may be transferred and implemented in Kiribati.  This is not only the core energy challenge but also the underpinnings of the global climate change issue.  In Kiribati, through participation in international climate change meetings, some funds on renewable and clean energy were secured bilaterally.  This will be continued to ensure deployment of clean and renewable energy sources in the fragile islands of Kiribati.  The role of ECD and this Unit as regulator on the Environment would mainstream this element into it.


Participation to international negotiations and meetings on climate change

 Through our participation in these meetings, we were able to engage in these regional/international processes to allow our issues and interests to be captured in major international decisions.  Our environment issues are already at stake due to domestic pressure, climate change will add on to this pressing issue.  Our effective participation in these international framework conventions on climate change will ensure benefits to the needs of Kiribati through negotiations.


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