Environment Outreach

The Environment Outreach Unit (EOU) is instrumental in leading public consultations, including formal and informal outreach on environment programmes (climate change, biodiversity and conservation, development control, wastes and pollution control, enforcement of the Environment Act 1999 (as amended 2007), with assistance from the various key technical staff from the different units within ECD.

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The key roles of the Environment Outreach Unit includes

Facilitate and coordinate visit to local communities and schools(awareness raising on environmental issues);

Coordination of national programs to commemorate International Environment Day Highlights such as World Environment Day on 5th of June, International Biodiversity Day on 22nd of May, etc;

Coordinate the development of media outlets (media releases and information, Education and Information materials – IEC) for public information and dissemination;

Manage the Resource centre to serve for student research and references;

Design, undertaken and coordinate public awareness through informal and formal education (curriculum review and community consultations);

Facilitate national awareness programs to support Regional Clean Pacific Program;

Outreach program to raise the profile of the National Integrated Environment Policy;

Release of environmental news targeting church groups on South Tarawa.

Facilitate implementation of activities outlined in the ECD Communication and outreach strategy & support implementation of ECD national program;

Development of school or environmental fact sheets and awareness materials such as pamphlets, and posters.

Coordination of awareness or outreach components of Multi Environmental Agreements (MEAs) projects;


For more information and inquries, email directly: robitet@environment.gov.ki