GIZ-MACBIO-Programme at ECD: Two Trainings for GIS Map Establishment conducted at ECD in May & June 2019

In May & June 2019, under the MACBIO Programme (conducted by GIZ, IUCN & SPREP in 5 Pacific island nations, including Kiribati), Dr. Martin Falke, a geologist & consultant from GIZ (German Organization for International Cooperation), working at ECD within that programme for a 2 year period since December 2018, conducted two QGIS (Quantum Geographic Read More


The deployment of Clam and Sandfish farming Program in Maiana to enhance the Marine Food Sources for Maiana Island Communities.

Fisheries officials visited Maiana in May to carry out the deployment of the clam, collect the matured maxima and Hippopus (hippopus) for broodstock and to identify potential sites for sandfish farming. The program is in response to concerns raised during the Community Based Fisheries Management (CBFM) consultation in May 2019 about the decline in the Read More

Automated weather stations to benefit island communities in the pilot islands of the LDCF-I Project

The installation of automated weather stations (AWS) in Maiana, Nonouti and Abemama in Kiribati has opened up opportunities for weather forecasters and local communities. The AWS was set up in March this year on these three islands by the Kiribati Meteorological Services and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) funded by the Read More


Nonouti IVA 2017 full report and findings presentation

Integrating Global Environmental Priorities into National Policies and programmes (CBII Project) through the Environment and Conservation Division (ECD) conducted a presentation on a full report and findings analysis for the Integrated Island Vulnerability Assessment (IVA) for Nonouti Island that was carried out in 2017. The presentation was delivered by CBII project local consultant- Dr. Iete Read More


Technical working group for Preparation of HPMP stage II project and Enabling Activities for HFC phasedown project for Kiribati

The Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) project under the National Ozone Unit within the MELAD-ECD is working towards establishing its Technical Working Group to assist in the development of the Country Assessment Reports for the two new projects namely the Preparation of HPMP state II project and Enabling Activities for HFC phase down project. In light Read More


Licensing and Compliance Section in-house training

The License and compliance section conducted a two-day in-house training to ECD staff on environment enforcement procedures. The objective of the program is to “increase capacities within ECD for the enforcement of the Environment Act”, the program covered essential component of Environment Enforcement. spearheaded by the Compliance and Enforcement Unit with the assistance and contribution Read More


Life changing ways at Abemama as a result of LDCF-I Project – a food security project in the context of climate change

The traditional practice of planting local food crops is being revived in Abemama, in an effort to raise the profile of food security in the context of climate change. Abemama is one of three islands in Kiribati which the UN Development Program – Global Environment Facility funded project, LDCF I has a range of activities Read More


The Development of Island Strategic Plan at Maiana for Food Security in the Context of Climate Change.

Consultations for an Island Strategic Plan targeting food security in Kiribati have been completed on Maiana with discussions also planned for communities in Nonouti. Consultations were conducted in Abemama in October last year. Maiana, Nonouti and Abemama are the three pilot islands which are the focus of activities by the Enhancing Food Security in the Read More