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Preparation of the game-fishing initiative in Nonouti for the generation of income to enhance food security in the context of climate change.

TAK officials had visited the island of Nonouti to prepare the cultural package before the arrival of the first angler group from 2nd – 9th of September, 2019. The objective of the activity is to target the international anglers for fishing game promotion in order for both the island’s council and the islanders to generate Read More

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Fashion Show (MELAD Week) Program

Thursday 17th October Tenimanraoi Mwaneaba- Betio Opening Function · 8:ooam – 8:30am  – All Divisions arrive · 9:00am – 10:30am – Float start from Taotin Trading Company area to 4Rs Park MC: Raurenti · 10:30am – 10:40am – Communities and Guest should be seated · Opening Prayer · 10:50am – Opening Remarks by MELAD Secretary · 11:00 am – Red Cross Read More

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Kiribati is about to carry out considerable efforts in the implementation of the sound management of chemicals and waste

Kiribati’s ocean waters are amongst the most productive and least polluted on earth. The people of Kiribati have always utilised their natural resources and the marine environment sustains them; they depend on it for food, transport, traditional and culural practices and economic opportunities. An estimated 80% of the population continues to depend primarily on these Read More

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PACNEWS – Atoll nations require immediate action to combat impact of climate change

Atoll nations are on the front line of climate change and require immediate action to combat the impact of land loss, beach erosion, loss of fisheries, and water shortages—a situation that threatens their development and stability, delegates heard at a conference that opened Tuesday.   The conference on Resilient Atoll Nations in Productive Oceans, organised Read More


First Kiribati Te Boboto Technical Dialogue

The Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Agricultural Development have hosted its first Kiribati Te Boboto Technical Dialogue at the Tarawa Hotel previously known as Otintaai Hotel. The theme of the dialogue is “Achieving KV 20 Aspirations through Innovative and Sustainable Waste Management Solutions,” supporting a clean Environment and Waste free in Kiribati. The dialogue was Read More

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Food for the future: Nonouti island develops plan for food security as climate change impacts deepen

A team of fifteen government officers has visited Nonouti island to develop an Island Strategic Plan ensuring food security in the context of climate change. Forty participants – including the Mayor and Councilor, the island clerk, community representatives, schools, churches and businesses and tour guides – were invited to attend the week-long workshop, 22 to Read More

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Ensuring food security under climate change: strategic plans to be made available to communities for LDCF-I Pilot islands; Maiana, Abemama and Nonouti.

Under a project to enhance food security under climate change, staff from twelve government ministries have come together at Buariki, North Tarawa to carry out the translation of Island Strategic Plans for Maiana, Abemama and Nonouti. The objective of the retreat, 9-11 August, was to translate the plans from local language to English so they Read More

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KIRIBATI Te Boboto Dialogue

This coming Friday (23/08/2019), ECD is having its First Dialogue on Solid Waste Management in Kiribati. It will mark a stepping stone in collaborating with other Ministries related with solid wastes on how to utilize and minimize them. The overall objective of the dialogue is to improve waste management in Kiribati and to ensure South Read More

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National Clean Seas Campaign at Temwaiku Site

Today at 2:00pm, an on-going clean-up program from the MELAD will be undertaken at Temwaiku site to support the Environment Conservation Division`s National Clean-Seas Campaign. MELAD has also reached out to nearby Ministries to join hands in this cleanup activity. The National Clean-Seas Campaign is a huge project of ECD in regards to the cleanliness Read More