Life changing ways at Abemama as a result of LDCF-I Project – a food security project in the context of climate change

The traditional practice of planting local food crops is being revived in Abemama, in an effort to raise the profile of food security in the context of climate change. Abemama is one of three islands in Kiribati which the UN Development Program – Global Environment Facility funded project, LDCF I has a range of activities Read More


The Development of Island Strategic Plan at Maiana for Food Security in the Context of Climate Change.

Consultations for an Island Strategic Plan targeting food security in Kiribati have been completed on Maiana with discussions also planned for communities in Nonouti. Consultations were conducted in Abemama in October last year. Maiana, Nonouti and Abemama are the three pilot islands which are the focus of activities by the Enhancing Food Security in the Read More

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National Capacity Building Workshop on the Environment Safeguard System in Christmas Island

A one-day workshop on National Capacity Building on the Kiribati Environment Safeguard System was held in Kiritimati Island on Monday 29th April 2019 at the Ikari House in London, Kiritimati. The workshop was organized and conducted by officials from the Environment & Conservation Division of MELAD who were visiting the island for such purpose. The Read More


Training on Data analysis and Report writing

December, 4th – 13th 2017, The Environment & Conservation Division (ECD) is conducting a one-week training on Data Analysis and Report Writing focusing on Basic and Advance Spreadsheet/Excel. The training is organized by ECD through the Kiribati CB2/CCCD project (Capacity Building II Project) in collaboration with the Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT). The training is Read More