Kiribati Environment Management Information System (KEMIS) is a new initiative developed by Environment Information and Data Management Section (EIDMS) for the purpose of consolidating, storing and securing all information and data, related to Environment and Conservation Division (ECD) for environmental reporting purposes. 

ECD has 4 Sections such as Biodiversity and Climate Change Section (BCCS), Waste Management and Pollution Prevention Section(WMPPS), License and Compliance Section (LCS) and Environment Information and Data Management Section (EIDMS). Each Sections consist of several Units operated respectively.

However, the generation of information and data from each Units/Sections is an ongoing process based on activities implemented. Capturing all of these different information and data due to different file format allows EIDMS to design a multi system with subsystem put in place to address this complexity. In addition, other environment previous information and data are also considered in the development and design of the system.

As KEMIS is still under development through an iterative process, staff are encourage to contribute their ideas, designs, and changes to make the system more effective and meaningful to their respective Units and Sections. Indeed establishing EMIS Team/Committee can be an excellent approach to maximize, strengthen and accelerate EMIS development.

For more details on each Sections/Units mandate, portfolio and legislation click the appropriate menu provided.